Crafted by a group of martial arts practitioners who share a vision to connect the community through creative expression. We are always seeking out opportunities for self-improvement, not only to better ourselves but to allow us to give back to the communities that have given us so much.


Constantly pushing one’s boundaries requires a level of confidence that rides a thin line between arrogance and humility; a mindset that exudes unshakable belief in one’s self and their ability to make swift decisions under pressure. Although it is easy to identify and realize this need, it is something different to cultivate and apply it.

To tap into this mindset requires one to do work that is both unseen and unappreciated until the time comes to actively express themselves through their craft. Before one can express themselves optimally, they must be finely in-tune with themselves–having done the internal work to know who they are, what they represent, and understanding what allows them to express their craft at an optimal level.

When going down this path, one must realize it is a constant pursuit with no end in sight; a process and journey that requires constant refinement along the way.